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Rovereto, population, 40,000, is also known as the city of peace, "la citta della pace" in Northern Italy. It is located in the Trentino Region on the Adige River. In one period of time, Austria took over the city and in another period of time, WWI and WWII battles took place along the city. Now, there are monuments to remember the past. I enjoyed walking in the old part of town and seeing buildings that were built in the 11th century. Some of my favorite places to visit are, the church of San Marco, built between the 15th and the 17th century. The house that Mozart lived during his time in Rovereto. Lake Garda, which is 12 miles from Rovereto, is a very beautiful and peaceful place to stroll during day, with the Alps nestled around the lake. Beseno Castle, is one of the oldest and grandeur castle in Trentino. There are numerous castles in this area to visit and learn about the history of the Trentino Region.
The coliseum in Verona
Downtown Rovereto
Lake Garda
My parents at Lake Garda