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I started the season in Termini and finished in Venezia.  The city of Termini is one of the providences of Palermo and is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.  The weather is usually warm and sunny.  Michelle and I would go to the different beaches after practice.  Sicily is a unique island with a rich history.  All the different nations including Greece, Spain and the Arabic nations, which occupied the island throughout the centuries, have left their culture and food for us to enjoy.

Michelle and I in Syrucasa, Sicily
Michelle and I in Termini after we met the mayor  
The city of Venezia is in the Veneto Region of the Northern part of Italy.  I was only ten minutes away from the vintage city.  The architecture is old age and the canals are many.  There are hundreds of bridges to cross and I think I crossed most of them.  I was amazed when I enter Piazza San Marco, where the Basilica of San Marco and the Bell-Tower of San Marco are located.  From that, I crossed the biggest and most famous bridge, in Italy, called Rialto.
One of many canals
My Parents and I on the Rialto overlooking the Grand Canal.
Carnival in Venezia