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I lived in the South of Italy on the Adriatic Sea in a town called San Vito, which is 15 minutes away from Taranto.  San Vito is a small beach community consisting mostly of vacation homes and apartments.  Taranto, a town surrounded by two seas, is one of the original settlements of the Greek empire.  Taranto Vechio is connected to modern day Taranto by a bridge called Ponte Griel.  There are some ruins left but are few in numbers.  The city has expanded due to the many Italian military.
I enjoyed walking downtown near the shops and restaurants that over looked the sea.  
I started my first year of Italian lessons, which I enjoyed very much.  My tutor, Christie has become a good friend and a super supporter.  
Here I am visiting my sister, Michelle, in Sicliy.
San Vito Beach near my casa
Old town Taranto