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1997 - 1998
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I went back to France, but this time I resided in the southern region.  I was in a town called Aix En Provence.  This city, like many of the cities in the south, has an extensive amount of history and art.  I learned about impressionism and saw works of Cézanne and Van Gogh to name a few.  Cézanne lived in Aix and he painted Aix's landscape.  Thus I came to know his life and work well.  
Aix is 20 minutes north of Marseille and has a population of 100,000.  The countryside is very colorful with its trees and flowers.  Aix is known for its mountain called Montage les Victoire.  A fountain is located at the center of the rotunda.  Fountaine de la Rotonde symbolizes the place de la liberation.  In the early days, the Romans occupied the town and there is an old road that goes all the way to Rome.  The road starts at St. Sauveur Cathedral.  This marvelous cathedral was built and remodeled throughout different time periods and is unsymmetrical because it contains many different architectural styles.
There are many towns no more than two hours away from Aix.  I was fortunate to have the chance to visit them.  My most memorable were Avignon, Arles and Nice.
Sacred Heart Church in Paris
South of France with Australian teammate, Renae