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1999 - 2000
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After living in the snow for several months, I decided to change climates to an island.  Madeira is located off the coast of Portugal, but is actually closer to Africa.  It's about a two-hour plane ride to the mainland.  This touristy island is a hot vacation spot for German and British travelers.  I lived in the city of Funchal, which attracts tourists with its hotels all along the oceanfront.  Sixty percent of the islanders live in Funchal.  The rest of the island is rural.  There are a lot of hiking trials, two volcanoes (dormant) and several valleys.  In order to know Madeira a drive around the island, which takes a day, is a must.  On the drive you will see waterfalls, valleys and wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean.  I lived outside of town among the native islanders.

Maderia's Coast
Hiking Trail
Jesus Statue
A visit with my family