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I have met many wonderful people throughout the world.  They were the ones that introduced me to their interesting cultures and to their delicious foods.  Here is a list of my favorite European foods.

ITALY    Pasta al dente, arancia (rice ball) and gelato (ice cream).  If you like ice cream this is the best.

SPAIN       Paella, (this dish consists of seafood, meats, veggies, rice and local spices)

FRANCE   Baguette (this is one of the best breads in Europe) and cheese.  The wide variety of cheeses make this a tasty treat.

GREECE  Moussaka, (this dish is similar to lasagna)

SWITZERLAND   Fondue, (this dish consists of melted cheese mixed with wine).  To     eat it dip small pieces of bread in the mix.  It sounds light but it's very filling.