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I had many adventures while I was living in Europe.  Here are a few.

Learning to ski:  
I never skied in my life.  I was always busy with basketball and my coaches wouldn't allow it.  But, to my surprise my coach in Switzerland asked my if I wanted to learn to ski.  People in that region start skiing at a very young age.  I was fortunate to have my team take care of my first day of skiing.  I had a Swiss ski instructor, my team trainer and a teammate beside me the whole time.  I asked where is the beginner's hill and they pointed towards this huge mountain.  I asked if there was something smaller and they said this was the Alps.  So I was very intimidated the first run down the hill.  My instructor was nice but he only spoke French, so if he was frustrated I did not know it.  I ended up crashing in to him three times.  I had to take a break so I sat at a café in the Alps looking at all these people ski like pros.  I finally psych myself up to go down and I am glad I did because it was awesome.  I skied down without crashing.  After my successful run, I was all over the mountain.  I was frustrated at first but had fun because I did not give up.  I tried to ski either downhill or cross-country as my basketball schedule would allow.
On the ski slopes in Switzerland

Swiss military:
Another adventure that took place in Switzerland was spending a night in an underground military bunker.  My team just finished playing the second game of the championship play-offs.  We had a lot of fans that made the trip on a charter bus.  The snow was heavy going to the game and after the game we were snowed bound.  The town was small and the hotels were full.  We ended up staying in a Swiss military bunker.  We had military people escort us to the underground compartment.  They opened the doors and when everyone entered, they shut and locked the doors.  The place only had walls from ceiling to ground.  
My team and the fan club made the most of the situation.  We spent the night having fun drinking, eating and singing Swiss folk songs.
It ended up being a wonderful experience for the players and fans.  The next day we made it out of the snow by going through Italy and back into Switzerland.  It was a long trek but we made it back.
Nude Beach:
This adventure I shared with my brother Leon who lived with me for three months in Greece.  We had a lot of adventures being together but this one was unexpected.  Many times on my days off went to beaches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  One day, we ventured into a private beach.   To my brother's surprise all the women were topless and all the men were wearing underwear Speedo swimsuits.  The surprising thing was all the sunbathers were in their twilight years, believe me it's never too late to have fun.
Two Weeks of Festa:
Carnival lasted for two weeks before the start of the Lenten season.  The last day is on Ash Wednesday.  Many people dress in Venetian costumes and party in the streets of Venezia. The locals told me that the weekends are the time to go because there are thousands of people from all over the world who celebrate this classic Venetian event.
At Piazza San Marcos