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I come from a family of 10. My parents, Joe and Mary Palmisano had 8 children; Joe , Dina , Marguerite , John , Gerard , Teresa , Leon , and Michelle .  My father Joe was a professional baseball player and we all are blessed with his athletic ability.  My mother, Mary has been our number 1 fan.  She has traveled all over the world with my father to see our sporting events.  They both have given us support throughout our athletic careers.   

Our family is getting bigger every year!  Joe has been married to Glenda for 11 years and they have two children, Josh 14 yrs., and Diane 12 yrs.  Dina has been married to James Poteracke for 12 yrs and they have two children, Brieanna age 9 and Lukas age 5.  Marguerite has been married to Gilbert Leon for 2 years and they have two daughters, Cecilia, age 1 and Estelle 1 month old.  John had been married to Therese for 2 years.  They had a baby boy, Evan, last July.  Gerard just got married to Tina this last September.  Tina has two daughters, Devin age 8 and Lexi age 4.  Leon is engaged to Monica and they are planning on getting married this September.  As you can see my family has grown throughout the years and we have all these next generation Palmisanos who are taking over.

We have lived 33 years in Southern, California so we spent out child hood there.  We are about 60 miles from Los Angeles.  My parents first moved from New Mexico to Upland, California but moved again to enjoy the benefits of a small beach town.  

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