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1992 -1993
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In 1992, I graduated from Cal and signed my first professional contract to play basketball in France.  My team was located in Rambouillet, which is thirty minutes south of Paris.  I lived in a one-bedroom apartment outside of town.  Rambouillet is a small and quaint town with a famous chateau in the middle of the district. I would spend my weekdays practicing, learning French and meeting friends from various cities.  On Sundays I would hop on a train and go to Paris.  Paris is fantastic.  The city has a lot to offer with its monuments, statues, museums, the Seine river and the famous street called Champ Elysee to name a few.  I would walk all over the city enjoying the sights with the aid of a map.  There were many French pastries and breads to enjoy especially my favorite baguette.  "C'est tres bien".

Versailles Chateau

Notre Dame Cathedral
Eiffel Tower, Paris
In front of the Eiffel Tower with my Parents