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 I have been a professional basketball player in the European Leagues since 1992.  I have played and lived in the countries of France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.   During this time I have lived and traveled all over Europe.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to visit different places, learn about new cultures and experience the European life.  I have been to numerous churches and museums.  I've visited the Vatican and was priviledged to see the Pope.  I swam in the Mediterranean Sea, skied the Swiss Alps, visited Greece, the first westernized civilization.  I've seen the Acropolis and walked in Israel, the same country were Jesus walked.  I have learned to speak French and know some language from each country I've lived in.   It all has been amazing!

I have meet many wonderful people throughout my career and I will always remember their hospitality to the solo American.

France, Rambouillet

Germany, Marburg

1994 - 1995

1995 - 1996
Greece, Iliupoli Athens

2003 -2004